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may 23

In February, we introduced Innovation Destination Torslanda, an urban development project and a space for open innovation — a collaboration between Volvo Cars, Next Step, and Vectura. Now we take another leap as we begin to nest together pioneers from industry, academia, and the public sector to solve global challenges through new collaborations.

For this event, we are inviting cross-sector organizations to experience firsthand what our community has to offer and the opportunities it can create for innovation, employee satisfaction, and business performance.













Community Introduction
Marie Uddenmyr / Steptura


Näst Community
Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund / Moderator
Jonas Eriksson / GGCZ
Hans Pehrsson / Mission 0

Panel Discussion on The Future of Sustainable Materials
Erik Severinson / Volvo Cars
Janna Nasser / Alga Insulation
Hans Pehrson / Mission 0
Nils-Krister Persson / SmartTextiles, Högskolan Borås

Näst Exhibition and Innovation Showcasing

Launch of Circular Matters Summit

panel speakers





Alga Insulation

Alga Insulation has developed an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional insulation materials. They are dedicated to cleansing Sweden's shores by repurposing algae, a material that currently lacks profitable applications. Through their innovative process, this natural resource is transformed into effective insulation for building projects.

Made in collaboration by Ung Företagsamhet x XO Foundation x RISE



Furhat Robotics

Furhat Robotics is revolutionizing the way humans interact with technology by leading the development of social robots and conversational AI. Founded over a decade ago by a team passionate about creating humane technology, Furhat Robotics has continuously advanced its platform, team, and community to push the boundaries of innovation. The result is the Furhat Robot, a groundbreaking social robot setting new standards in the industry and redefining human-robot interaction.



Mission 0

Mission 0 House is an innovative pilot initiative where key players in the materials and manufacturing industry have a common ambition to be pioneers in the effort to eliminate future greenhouse gas emissions. The vision is a future where production processes are truly environmentally sustainable, and Sweden becomes globally recognized for leading the way in eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. 

Made in collaboration by Boliden x Borgstena x Lindholmen Science Park x Polestar x Volvo x Sekab x SKF x SSAB x Stora Enso



Smart Textile

Smart Textiles is a collaborative environment transforming the textile industry by developing innovative fabrics and advancing technologies for recycling textile fibers. With over 500 research and business projects, Smart Textiles is establishing itself as a significant global player in textile innovation, contributing to environmental protection and the circular economy. This visionary approach fosters a dynamic setting for creating future-oriented solutions in northern Europe’s leading innovation hub.

Made in collaboration by Högskolan Borås x RISE x Inkubatorn i Borås x Vinnova x Västra Götalandsregionen x Sjuhärads Kommunalförbund




TreeToTextile is pioneering the transformation of the textile industry with their innovative cellulose fiber technology. Founded in Sweden, TreeToTextile enhances sustainable practices in fashion and textiles and the nonwoven industry.
Their mission is to deliver a unique, scalable cellulose fiber that serves as an alternative or complement to traditional materials like cotton, viscose and polyester. 

Made in collaboration by H&M Group x Inter IKEA Group x Stora Enso x LSCS Invest



Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a pioneer in electric mobility and sustainability, spearheading the development of sustainable technologies that set new industry standards. Through collaboration, Volvo Cars innovates solutions ranging from research to implementation, driving positive change across the industry.

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