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näst innovation destination torslanda

Continuing to build on Torslanda's strong legacy of innovation, we are developing a new neighborhood. This urban development project aims to evolve Torslanda into a hub of collaboration and innovation power. It will be a space for open innovation, with a community co-creating for future sustainable solutions.

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näst community

A nest from where innovation can grow, powered by the unstoppable force of collaboration. A vibrant community in the heart of Gothenburg, where bright minds will come together to accelerate change, co-create sustainable solutions, and seek a brighter future for the next generations.

Because we believe in nesting people together to solve the monumental challenges that lie ahead. For people, and for planet.

Through a cross-border collaboration program between industries, academia, and the public sector, we will turn our vision into reality. We will foster a thriving ecosystem that can breathe life into ground-breaking ideas. Unlocking innovative solutions within our key areas of materials, energy, software, and mobility.

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Collaborative open innovation event for advancing the future of materials


We are inviting a diverse group of curious and creative minds to bring out the unexpected. Through facilitated cross-sector partner exploration, we will co-create viable joint solutions for circularity across the material value chain.

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